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Product Information

Talk about hope in propolis.

스프레이 키즈

PROBEE Alcohol free & Water-soluble Propolis 8ml

  • Capacity
    8ml * 3ea (Ampoule Type)
  • Ingredients
    Propolis Extract(Australia, Korea, Hainan), Purified Water, Polysorbate 20, Potassium Carbonate (Anhydrous)
  • Functionality
  • Price
Your premium choice for your health! Probee Water-Soluble Propolis 30ml
Provides antioxidant, and antibacterial effects for oral health
Propolis expert, Seoul Propolis's more than 10 years of knowhow made the refined, alcohol-free, premium propolis!

Premium water-soluble propolis extracted by the WEEP of the propolis expert, Seoul Propolis's proprietary technology
Contain more than 1% of flavonoids that can give anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial properties for your oral health

What is propolis?
Bees produce a compound called propolis as a coating to build their hives. It protects bees in hives against germs and viruses from outside.

What are flavonoids?
Flavonoids are compounds found in propolis which protects hives against various germs, viruses, and also has antibacterial effects for human's oral health.

3 in 1 propolis
3 types of propolis in 1 bottle!
Uses a combination method of processing the 3 types of propolis (Australian & Korea, Hainan) in the way that maximizes each one's benefits.

Seoul propolis's proprietary technology
Propolis extraction using WEEP
* Eco-Friendly, Alcohol-Free, Water-Soluble Propolis Extraction

WEEP Method at a glance

What is the WEEP method?
WEEP method enables the end propolis product to be water-soluble and overcome propolis’ natural stickiness while maintaining more of the desired beneficial components.
Ethanol extractionEthanol removalStabilization of water solubility

Key features of WEEP method 
Soluble, non-stickyNo residue, or uncomfortable textureNo resin or waxOffers mild tastes and easy to eat

It is a dual-action supplement providing antioxidan, antibacterial properties, and Also contains 16.92mg of sugar-free flavonoids that can sufficiently meet the MFDS -recommended daily intake for adult.

Antioxidant Effects of Propolis
Propolis can prohibit the cell damage by fighting free radicals and offering antioxidant benefits.


Directions and Recommended Intake
3 times daily, take the recommended amount(0.564.ml) of the propolis using a dropper, and mix it with water, milk, juice or tea to meet your preferences.

Check the best before date, and adhere to the recommended intake and directions. If you are an allergic person, check the ingredients before use. Be careful when opening or consuming the supplement as it's package may be sharp, that can cause an injury.