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Talk about hope in propolis.

Main Business

Seoul Propolis is a spin-off company of the Korean Energy Research Institute and has co-developed a technology of alcohol-free and water-soluble Propolis(WEEP). Seoul Propolis works to standardize and develop the propolis industry through the organization of World Propolis Science Forum and Bio-propolis Research Council.

Raw Material

Functional Foods – Finished Products

Food Supplements: Liquids, powder,
capsules, stick pouch etc.


natural preservatives, confectionaries,
cough drops, chewing gum, drinks etc.


skin revitalizing cream, acne cream,
foam cleaners,
products to treat atopic dermatitis

Personal Care products

toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hand wipes,
hand sanitizer, mouthwash, sprays

Veterinary drugs and animal feeds

Medicinal products : antibiotics,
antibiotic substitutes, cold medicine

Raw Material

application: medicine, cosmetics,
personal care products, animal feeds etc


Stick pouchStick pouch