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Talk about hope in propolis.

Located near Seoul Propolis Headquarter in South Korea, the Quality Assurance Lab is vital to the process
of ensuring high quality propolis products each and every time they are produced. The Quality Assurance Lab tests the quality of materials before being used, while being produced and before the products are sent to market.

At Seoul Propolis, our commitment to making the best
propolis products is at the heart of everything we do.

Seoul Propolis has invested millions in manufacturing and quality control and research laboratories to produce propolis products sold in domestic and international market. Our state-of the-art manufacturing facilities comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and our quality control laboratories follow ISO and excellent corporation R&D center accredited.

Seoul Propolis uses the finest propolis raw material from
credible apiary committed to meeting our high standard
and ensures high-quality products in our in-house lab.

Our own QC process encompasses everything from sourcing
only the finest propolis raw material to meeting or exceeding
good manufacturing practices. We continuously test our products,
putting them through an arduous protocol to ensure they comply
with the highest quality standards.