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Development of a new propolis complex for protection of stomach with anti-H. pylori.


1. The effects on th non-idiosyncratic immunity and disease resistivity efficiency of feedstuffs for flatfish growth with the addition of water soluble propolis (Jointly sudied with Juju University Department of Marin Biology)

2. Evaluation of the specification test for adding side products of propolis in weaning pigs and meat chicken (Joint sutdy with Dankook University Dep't of Anibal Resources)


Efficacy studt of propolis on ingibiting gastritis using gastric models (Jointy performed by Dep't of Human Nutrition in Pusan National University/Nationally appointed evaluation center for efficacy of medical products for digestive disease at the lnha University hospital annex)


1. Development of natural antibiotics for livestock using the side product of propolis (Joint study with Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Dep't of Anival Resources in Dankook University and Woosung Feedstuff Co., Ltd)

2. Effect of propolis on vaginal inflammation (Joint study with Deajeon Eulji University Hospital Dep't of Gynecology)

2009 1. Development of skin regeneration cream using propilis (Seoul Propolis, Hanbat National University)

2. Anti Biological Effevt of propolis and photodynamic treatment (Joint study with the Dankook University Medical School, Medical Laser Research Center)

3. Developnent of manufacturing thchnology for medicine carrier th attach to the mucous membrane using radio acticvity (Jointly performed by Seoul Propolis and the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)

4. Positive effevts of water-soluble propolis on post tonsil sugery pain, healing of svars and bleeding (Dop't of ENT atDankook University, Medical School/in vivo test)


Development of antibiotic feedstuff additive using natural propolis (Jointly performed the clinical test ny Seoul Propolis and Medical Laser-Medical Instrument in Dankook University)


Development of antibiotic feedstuff additive using natural propolis (Jointly performed by suoul Propolis and Dept, of New Material for Oceanic Bio in Pukyong National University)


Small & Medium Business Administration - Small and Medium Business technology renovation and development task "Development of production device for the water-soluble propolis" (Seoul Propolis)


Small & Medium Business Administration- industry-school-laboratory joint technology development consortium subject "Study for the material stability and the flavor improvement method of no-alcohol, water-soluble propolis" (Joint Performance of Seoul Propolis, Korea Food Research I


1. Development of natural antibiotics for livestock using propolis (Jointly performed by Seoul Functional Food, Kanfwon National University and College of Veterinary Medicine)

2. Development of alcohol free and water soluble fuctional food using domestic propolis and verification of the anti oxidation and immunity augment effects through vlinival tests (Jointly performed by Seoul Propolis, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Sports Health Medical Center in Seoul Asan Hospital and Korea yangbong NH)